Language and Personality of Facebook Users

Aidarus al Habshee

FUS RO DAH~!! April 6, 2012

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after spending almost 12hours in completing this research,i can now lay on my back for a while (several hours maybe) and take a deep breath while watching my beautiful,completed wordpress. only god knows how proud i am right now because for me to finish an assignment this huge alone~??the possible rate is…..wait up,i’m counting…. 2ax + 4xy = xy + 4z +6x…..



all in all, i’m hoping that i have achieved the goal of this research~and not to mention the FUN part of it~before i forget,i wanna say thank you so much to my lecturers, Dr. Zul and Dr. Zaini for their help and cooperation during my struggle in completing this research~


Respondent 5.10

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“jahat dibalas jahat.. baek dibalas baek.. tapi knape saya baek dibalas jahat yer.. xcukup baek rasenye kot.. 😦 “

for the last ‘Neurotism’ situation,she is having an insecure feeling towards her acts which she thinks she does not being good enough to become a good person that receive good paybacks~


Respondent 5.09

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“do he really miss and love me ?? can i believe it.. i really meant it..”

She is feeling anxious and insecure at the same time during this situation~by asking the question on that statement,she is truly a ‘Neurotism’ domain~


Respondent 5.08

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“it is hard to smile again … 😦 “

from the statement,we can assume that she is having a bad mood until it is hard for her to smile again~this shows us how ‘Neurotism” she is~


Respondent 5.07

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“bosan nye hidup ni ~~~”

in this situation,she is being a moody ‘Neurotism’ person who complaints about her life being boring and dull~


Respondent 5.06

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“Jangan sesekali kamu hadir dalam hidup seseorang kalau ia hanya kamu rasakan akan menghancurkan perasaannya…”

in this ‘Neurotism’ situation,she was brokenhearted by someone she loves so much and causing her to tripped into negative emotions~


Respondent 5.05

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“migraine out ….:( “

from the ‘Neurotism’ statement,she is having a moody and tense situation with a strong headache~